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Seeing who is holding her, Outer Moka is badly confused and asks what is going on. The items represent a choice as much as anything as Tsurara said, 'try to make Mizore and Kurumu happy and then perhaps himself. With her lip quivering and her body trembling Yukari is on the edge of losing control, "I am twice as smart as Moka and three times as smart as Kurumu or Mizore! Not that he would under most circumstances as she all but ghosts across the snow covered ground. There are several minutes of chaos as the girls argue with each other and the fighting is only ended by the arrival of the Head Master of the Academy who orders an examination of Moka.

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As Tsukune returns holding out the small bottle Mizore reaches for it but Kurumu snatches it from Tsukune's hands.

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Rosario + Vampire

With Tsukune's silent agreement a bit of life comes back to Kurumu and she moves into the room and the door closes behind the pair. No way is that true! The headmaster of the academy sits behind his desk with Ruby at his side. Despite the obviousness of the statement the girls are shocked and the jewel almost flashes at the statement. It will just rip us all apart with jealousy. This all sets off anger unlike anything the vampiress has ever felt before. Growling, he ripped his hand away while crying, "Bunkatsu!

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rosario vampire women that dress up like moka cums
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rosario vampire women that dress up like moka cums
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