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Those horrible perverts probably were Satanists looking for a child to sacrifice. In reality, border control is far more concerned about custodial abduction than stranger abduction and even that is a rarity absent the abducting parent having some connection to the foreign country. I dont do it on purpose. I always assumed it was people buying something to eat for lunch, but now I know better. But its not something lurking around every corner. In Texas, the reaction is more likely someone will get shot.

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I guess instead of saying thanks, I should have screamed and pulled out the pepper spray.

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As I have noted before, my kids were always being picked up by strangers, grabbed by strangers and photographed by and with strangers when we were traveling, and even by Asian elderly people at home in NZ. He has levels of crazy that are mind-boggling. Stranger abduction of children so young is minuscule, maybe under half a dozen a year. The woman was so close at this point that my toddler reached her arms around the woman before I could really respond. Dolly March 17, at 7: A Dad March 17, at 7: My corner of the world is very caucasian.

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